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Differents between Cats and Dogs.

We all love cats and dogs right? maybe some of you love cats only and you might love dogs only, but you do love one of them,that's all we need, have you ever asked yourself what is the different between cats and dogs I'm not talking about physical different here that's obvious what I mean is for example Why cats are often content being left alone for hours , and dogs are constantly craving your attention? that's a very good question to ask isn’t it ? I will do my best to give you a good answer about that.



If we are going to talk about the differnces between cats and dogs we are obliged to talk or compare there behaviors,cats prefer to be lonely right? you must have noticed that a cat doesn't need another animal(cat) to watch his back or to be next to him so he can be happy, to prove this point I bet you that you often find your cat sitting somewhere home alone or sleeping in a random corner alone right?

for dogs it's completely the opposit, dogs are packs animals, a dogs needs to be a part of larger group and dogs who usualy are part of larger groups which contains other dogs consequently they can earn more skills, and this point take us to the next differency which is that dogs are easy and quick to be trained because of what we said previously(your dog will always try to watch what the group leader do and act like him), on the other hand cats are difficult if not impossible to train to respond to very simple actions.

Your cat can train herself with the help of a litter box, instinct doing most of the work for you. Your dog on the opposite will need to be trained when he is still a puppy where and when it is appropriate to relieve himself.

can I diet my cat?

well,the answer is no. it is as simple as that, cats cannot be fasted, Kitties don't efficiently use fat reserves as an energy source. without food, their little bodies break down seeking for energy. This can lead to a life-threatening liver condition called hepatic lipidosis.

but dogs are very good using their fat reserves and they can deal with lack of food longer then cats.

what do you know about cat and dog's memory?

it seems funny right? but actually this is an interesting information, A dog's memory is only about five minutes long but Kitties can remember up to 16 hours.


these are just a few things that separate dogs from cats, but however these two creatures still amazing animals.

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